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What is Defensive Driving and How Does it Work?

In the most basic terms, Defensive Driving is the use of safe driving strategies that enable motorists to recognize hazards in advance and adapt accordingly. These strategies go way beyond general driving instructions and traffic laws.

Think of how the chauffeurs of high-ranking dignitaries drive in the movies when they are in trouble – that is defensive driving at its best (even though it’s rehearsed).

But defensive driving isn’t just reserved for chauffeurs of top dignitaries and influential people, anyone who wants to stay safe on the road can sign-up for classes.

At San Thomas Protection, each one our chauffeurs is trained in defensive driving. This means they can anticipate dangerous driving situations and in turn make decisions that keep them safe on the road.

Benefits of Defensive Driving

Fewer Traffic Crashes

In 2018, traffic accidents resulted in over 34,000 deaths in the USA. Around 38% of these crashes were caused by drinking and driving but 30% of them happened due to speeding.

Defensive driving courses discuss the causes of these accidents so drivers are well-informed and can make appropriate decisions.

Psychological Factors

Security chauffeurs need to stay calm in the worst of times. Defensive driving courses teach  drivers to keep calm and stay in control of the car no matter what the situation is.

Our chauffeurs aren’t impacted by unnecessary stress, emotional distress, fatigue and road rage.

To keep clients safe, our chauffeurs have been given the training to stay in control of the car even when unforeseen circumstances arise. Through their defensive driving classes not only do they know how to stay safe on the roads but they also know how to keep a positive attitude when behind  the wheel.

Crash Prevention Methods

The following are some crash prevention methods taught to our drivers:

  • Adjusting to surroundings
  • Being aware of reaction distance
  • Employing the 2 second-rule for following distances
  • Environment hazards
  • Knowing the vehicle’s stopping distance
  • Speed adjustments and railroad crossings
  • Vehicle emergencies

We’ve got years of experience in keeping top-ranking high-dignitaries safe on the road. Our drivers have backgrounds in law-enforcement so they are able to recognize dangers from a far.

If you’re looking for secure transportation services in Alexandria, VA, call us at 703-899-9937 or send us a message at We offer security chauffeurs and deluxe vehicles at affordable rates

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