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Tips on Getting to the Airport on Time

Just imagine this: you rush through the traffic trying to catch a flight that takes off in about an hour. You reach the airport with about 30 minutes to spare, check-in your bags, rush through security and sprint to the gate, only to find that the gate closed seconds ago. The wave of disappointment that goes through you is truly awful, especially if you had important plans after landing.

We can all agree that missing a flight is no fun. In addition to the feeling of disappointment, you also have to deal with the hassle of changing your airline booking and your hotel reservation. Not to mention, rescheduling your meetings (if you’re travelling for business purposes). To help you prevent the disappointment and hassles that follow a missed flight, we’ve come up with a few tips on getting to the airport on time.

Get Organized Ahead of Time

Maybe you’re a laidback individual who prefers to pack and organize at the last minute. However, it’s not prudent to take such risks when it comes to air travel. You see, airlines don’t have any qualms about leaving you behind! Scampering about trying to organize and pack a couple of hours before your flight is likely to create a chaotic situation. You don’t want to get to the airport on time only to realize you’ve left your passport behind.

The best thing to do is to organize everything at least a day before your flight. This will help you get to the airport on time and help you avoid the stress of last-minute packing.

Plan to Get to the Airport at Least a Couple of Hours before Your Flight

Even if the airport is just 20 minutes away from where you’re staying, it’s best to get to the airport a couple of hours before your flight takes off. Lots of people forget to factor in potential delays such as traffic jams, breakdowns, difficulty in finding parking spots, etc. Planning to get to the airport a couple of hours before the flight will help you avoid feeling stressed about time, and ensure that your journey to the airport is pleasant.

Book a Chauffeur Service

When it comes to getting to the airport on time, the last thing you want to rely on is public transportation. Not only do taxi and ride sharing services have a tendency of running behind schedule, they also typically lack insurance and professional training. The best option is to book a ride with a reputable chauffeur service.

At San Thomas Security, for instance, our chauffeurs receive extensive training to ensure that our clients get a 5-star experience. As ex-military and law enforcement personnel, our chauffeurs are extremely disciplined when it comes to time management. You just need to give us your flight departure time, and from there, it’s our responsibility to ensure that you get to the airport on time.

If you’re looking for a reliable private car service in Alexandria, VA, get in touch with us at San Thomas Security. In addition to VIP luxury, we promise premium security with our services.




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