Safe and Secure,

Transportation Services Where your Protection is Our Priority

For some of us, security might not be too much of a concern and a regular private chauffer service would do. For others however, safety and security might be a luxury only enjoyed freely in their own homes.

If you’re a high ranking official, a wealthy industrialist or business person, someone transferring highly valuable assets, a celebrity or anyone for whom additional security might be a requirement, a regular chauffer service might not cut it. Luckily, our company provides highly reliable security chauffer services to clients and customers in Alexandria VA.

Specialized Driver & Secure Vehicle

Our secure transportation services include a specialized security driver and secure vehicle. Security drivers provided by our company are screened and hence highly reliable. They also possess the training, qualifications and experience needed to ensure your safety and security in the most potentially dire situations.

They are up to date with professional development certifications and are well versed in defensive driving as well as the required evasive maneuvering needed to exit potentially hazardous situations where your safety might be at risk. Drivers working for our company have all served in law enforcement or in the military prior to this job making them adept in handling any dangerous situations that could arise.

When Security is Priority

If you feel safety and security is one of the things you prioritize, our services are exactly what you are looking for.

Quick to act, responsible and highly vigilant, you may be certain that those traveling with us will be fully protected and transported to wherever they need to be.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Our private chauffeur services are geared and designed to guarantee your safety, comfort and satisfaction. 

If you’re looking to hire one of our professionals or find out more about the company, our representatives can be contacted via the contact page and will be happy to furnish you in any way possible.