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Pro Tips on Cutting Business Travel Costs

We’re all familiar with the business travel process: get on a flight, attend meetings, and/or have dinner or play golf with clients/partners. When you add up various costs such as airfare, hotel reservations, transportation and, miscellaneous expenses, business trips can end up costing your organization quite a fortune, particularly if multiple officials are traveling.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, cost-cutting opportunities are difficult to come by as it is, and the last thing you need is high business travel costs eating away at your profits.
To help you save your company’s valuable resources, here are some pro tips on cutting business travel costs.

Book Airline Tickets & Hotel Reservations in Advance

We all know how expensive last-minute airline tickets and hotel reservations can be. These companies know that they can take advantage of the fact that you need their service, which is why they charge such steep prices.

If your business operations involve sending your employees or representatives on business trips, its best to book reservations in advance; we don’t mean planning a year in advance; just planning a couple of weeks ahead can save your organization a considerable amount of money.


Consider Revising Your Corporate Travel Policy

If corporate business trips are consistently costing more than your organization can afford, maybe it’s time to revise your business’s policy regarding corporate travel.

Are you giving them too much freedom in terms of reimbursable purchases? Sure, it’s okay to pay for your employees’ accommodations, transportation, and meals; however, you don’t have to pay for expenditures such as snacks and coffee breaks as well. Encourage your traveling employees to avail complementary hotel services provided by their hotel wherever they can.
Establish a Relationship with a Reputable Chauffeur Service Provider

We’re all aware of how costly vehicle rental can be, particularly for extended business trips. In addition to paying the rent, you also have to consider fuel and employee insurance costs.
It’s a similar story with ride-sharing and taxi services. Not only are ride sharing and taxi services expensive, they don’t exactly reflect a professional and appropriate image of your corporation, do they? And that’s without mentioning the safety and reliability concerns associated with such mediums of transportation.

However, with a reputable private chauffeur service like San Thomas Protection, you don’t have to worry about any of the above problems. In addition to providing reliable VIP transportation, we guarantee top-notch security as well. Moreover, we also provide special offers to our corporate clients.
If you’re looking for business chauffeur services in Alexandria, VA, get in touch with us at San Thomas Security. In addition to VIP luxury, we promise premium security with our services.

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