Safe and Secure

Transportation Services Where your Protection is Our Priority

Our personal chauffeur services are ideal when looking to transport VIPs, high profile work associates or even those near and dear to you whose safety is priority.

Drivers working for us are screened and highly trained both in regular and defensive driving as well as in techniques relating to evasive maneuvering which might be needed in certain emergency situations. 

Each of our drivers is highly experienced and all those representing our company partake in regular continued professional development. Whether it is your safety, your time commitments or anything else, we make our customer’s needs our first priority.

More than just Chauffeurs

San Thomas Protection Driving Company does not just provide you with chauffeurs to get you around; they provide you with professionals geared and trained to look after you in the worst of situations. We provide the most reasonable rates possible and guarantee that the services you receive are high value.

We make your safety our business and are vigilant and alert from the point of pick up to the point of drop off.

When Security is Priority

If you feel safety and security is one of the things you prioritize, our services are exactly what you are looking for.

Quick to act, responsible and highly vigilant, be assured that those traveling with us will be fully protected and transported to wherever they need to be.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Our private chauffeur services are geared and designed to guarantee your safety, comfort and satisfaction. 

If you’re looking to hire one of our professionals or find out more about the company, our representatives can be contacted via the contact page and will be happy to furnish you in any way possible.