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New York Uber Driver Confesses to Murdering Six People Between Fares

It’s only the beginning of the year and another Uber driver has confessed to taking the lives of 6 innocent civilians on the road.

In 2016, an Uber driver named Jason Dalton was arrested for shooting 8 people between fares as he drove his car around Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Despite his lawyer’s efforts to have him plead not guilty, Dalton confessed to his crimes claiming it was something he’s been meaning to do for a long time.

Dalton, a 48 year old driver, admitted to killing 6 people on the last day of jury selection for his trial. Dalton stated that he had shot 6 people to death; the other 2 victims survived.

He is now facing life-imprisonment without parole.

Dalton confessed to shooting unsuspected victims on three areas around the city. He shot a father and son at a car dealership, a 25 year old mother who was shielding children on the street, and four others who were found in the Crackel Barrel parking lot.

Dalton’s motive? According to Dalton, the Uber app made him into Satan’s “puppet.” He states that a “devil figure” directed him to do it via messages through the app.

Of course this isn’t true. Dalton is clearly suffering from serious medical conditions and needs to be treated. However, ride-sharing apps like Uber need to be held responsible for the drivers they hire.

Last year a study was released showing that ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are responsible for the increase of traffic fatalities in various cities.  While these companies focus on making profits, they seem to be overlooking the safety of civilians.

Their vetting process clearly has holes in which allows unfit drivers to be hired, putting the lives innocent civilians at risk.

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