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Dangers and Untold Truths of Ride-Sharing Apps

We won’t deny it.

Ride-sharing apps have indeed made travel more accessible – not to mention affordable – for the masses over the past few years. However, like any other convenient service, there are still risks to ride-sharing apps— many of which, people aren’t aware of.

Let’s look at the basics of how these apps work and the potential risks involved.

How Ride-Sharing Apps Work

Not all systems are the same, but they do stem from the same concept. Almost anyone with a vehicle can become a driver. Their identity and experience is run through the most basic of screening criteria, after which they are allowed to represent the company by offering their services.

Passengers seeking transport make a request by using the app. The app administrators seek out the nearest drivers and the best candidate is assigned to the passenger. The passenger is provided with essential details such as the driver’s route, time of arrival, name, photo, vehicle information.

The app takes a cut of the fare for each ride that a driver completes (usually between 20-25 percent). The fare depends on the time, level of traffic and the distance.

Where the Risks Come in

On paper, the system is quite simple, and therefore fundamentally safe. However, from a passenger’s point of view, the risks are significant.

For example, when you arrange for a vehicle with a ride-sharing app, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions set by the company, which include insurance details. So if the vehicle were to get in an accident and the passenger gets hurt, the conditions agreed upon could bail out the ride sharing service from paying any damages.

Another risk is the driver.

Many drivers work as independent contractors with ride-sharing apps meaning that they can’t be tracked. Once they turn off their phones, they’re practically untraceable. Also, because there’s less screening involved, the company in question may not even know about the driver’s prior convictions until the crime has already occurred.

And for a passenger that uses the app to take them to their destination safely, this is a massive betrayal of their trust.

A Better Alternative

Ride-sharing apps aren’t the only options for customers seeking secure transportation.

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