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5 Reasons Why Celebrities Need Security and Protection

The life of glitz and glamour is not without its dark spots.

Yes, celebrities become public favorites, are loved by millions and hailed by more for their talent, ideas and abilities. But on the flip side, they also become quite vulnerable. They’re constantly in the public eye, stalked by paparazzi. In some cases, they’re even followed to their homes. They’re treated – not as people – but as trophies, something to be looked at.

But that’s not who they are. They’re humans and like most humans, they have a right to personal space and privacy. One way they’re able to avail that right is by hiring security companies to keep them guarded.

More Reasons Famous People Need Protection

1. They’re Valued

Think back to when John Lennon was murdered. His passing was a tragedy that greatly affected the masses. His fans were not able to get over it for a long time, and many pointed out that had Lennon had armed security that fateful night, the murder might not have happened. This is why it’s so important that these celebs keep themselves protected. They live their lives in the public eye, but much of the public loves and cherishes them. For their fans’ sake, these celebs must maintain a high level of security.

2. They Could Be Targeted by Criminals

While break-ins and robberies are common, celebrities are usually targeted more, mainly because of their higher social status, pay-grade. In some cases, even stalkers end up breaking into their favorite celeb’s houses. And that can become dangerous for the celebrity in question if there is no security at hand.

3. They Might Be Pushed into a Frightening Situation

Remember the great Brittany Spears meltdown, when she attacked a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella? That was her breaking point because she became frustrated by being followed everywhere. However, had she had security and professional protection restraining her (and keeping the paparazzi at bay), she may not have become the main focus of a media circus.

4. They Can Make Enemies

Especially if they start to join various organizations or start endorsing certain ideas or views! For example, news recently came out that Taylor Swift would vote for the Democratic Party. This news not only started a new wave of hate, it brought a lot of death threats her way. And for any person deranged enough to carry out this threat, a lack of security might end up giving them the open window they need.

5. They Have All Types of Fans

Yes, some fans may just send gifts, hugs and love. Then there are others that are obsessed. Taking the example of Christina Grimmie, she was murdered by a fan who was infatuated with her. In fact, he had come to her specifically so he could commit the crime. Clearly, without security, these celebrities can become vulnerable.

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